24 things I’ve learned in 24 years

  1. The only person you should compare yourself with is yourself. Just compare your own versions.
  2. You can disagree with someone, and still be friends afterwards. “Agree to disagree” is what adults do.
  3. Never underestimate sunscreen. Ever.
  4. Accept that, sometimes, you are wrong.
  5. Invest in proper footwear. Your feet (and possibly your back) will thank you – your wallet, too.
  6. Don’t hold grudges – either tell them what’s wrong and figure it out, or let it go and remove the anger from your life.
  7. Pills aren’t your first option. Unless we’re talking about specific medicine/vaccines for specific diseases, try to look for a holistic approach first.
  8. Crying is not shameful – be it angry crying, sad crying or happy crying. Express your emotions, you’re not a robot.
  9. If you love doing something do it. Reading, writing, photography – don’t stop doing what you love.
  10. You can’t make everyone happy – and you probably never will. And that’s ok, as long as you are making yourself happy.
  11. Eating multiple types of junk food doesn’t make you a foodie. Eating multiple types of cuisines and trying new foods (even if their name sounds weird), does give you a start in the right direction.

12. If you don’t ask for something, you will never receive it.

13. Try something you never tried before – it turned out you liked skiing, so why not try other stuff, too? (this is more a note to self)

14. Internet points (likes, comments, shares, etc.) do not add value to your self-worth.

15. Accept you’re not “like most girls”, “girlish type” – liking cars, computers and other geeky subjects does not make you less of a woman.

16. Just because it didn’t happen exactly when you wanted it to, it doesn’t mean it’s never meant to happen.

17. Things have a way of working out by themselves.

18. A little patience can (and will) go a long way.

19. Material possessions are not everything.

20. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn – learning from your mistakes is vital for your future self.

21. The ability to cook is not something you’re born with – it’s developed by trial and error.

22. There’s no “right age” to do something. We all ‘grow up’ at different ages, and no two people are alike, which makes me refer to the first point on this list.

23. Decisions you rush are decisions you will most likely regret – take your time and think it over.

24. The ones who love you will help you grow.

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