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5 days of waking up early

EN: Before I start ranting about my latest experiments, I would like to address an issue: yes, I haven’t been posting for the last few weeks. While this is not an excuse, I have to admit that work and college have teamed up and managed to get the best of me, so much so, that I felt like I didn’t have time to do anything else. The waves are retreating now, and I promise I’m getting back on track.

[apologies over, now ]


I know, most of us, if given the choice, wouldn’t voluntarily choose waking up early as a daily habit. However, there comes a time when you just have to, otherwise things would not get done.

This has been the case for me, this past week. My “To Do” list was rapidly growing, which led me to believe that I may need more hours in a day, in order to complete every task, so I decided to wake up 1.5 hours earlier, every day.



Usually, my alarm would go off at 7:30 a.m., but I decided that waking up at 6 a.m. would be the way to go, this week. This “ungodly” hour, combined with the “Monday” factor, resulted in me being kind of grumpy and sluggish around 4 p.m., but my morning was… weirdly productive, I have to say.

I had enough time to prep my food for the day, make coffee, actually drink my coffee – at home and not on the road, in a rush; not to mention, I could take the time and plan for my day, without anything or anyone disturbing me.



My alarm went off again at 6 a.m., but this time I woke up with a huge headache. I couldn’t sleep very well the night before, I kept tossing and turning, and also kept waking up on every turn. Even though I had the same extra time as yesterday, all I could do was make my coffee and plan for the day ahead, in a semi-automated manner.

Needless to say I was pretty zombie-like the whole day, and went to bed really early. Not my best day so far…



Good morning, sunshine! After going to bed at 10 p.m. and getting a solid 8 hours of sleep, I can honestly say I feel like a whole new person.

I even cooked this morning, so my boyfriend and I could have fresh food at work, and made a coffee for myself and one for him, prepped our gym bags for this evening, and even read a few chapters from this month’s book (post will follow, don’t worry), while I was waiting for the food to cook.

AND, we actually went to the gym, like we planned, and didn’t find any excuses.

Productive day, I tell you.



Not only did I manage to squeeze in a short workout, this morning, but I also had time to take a bubble bath. A bath! Before going to work! Madness, I tell you.

Image result for friends phoebe madness gif

I had a full list of things to do for today, and working out in the morning kind of gave me some extra energy. I’ve had a unusually productive day and, after I left from work, I had the entire evening just for myself, to do anything I wanted, because I had already crossed working out off the list.



This is supposed to be the last day of waking up super early, this week. I have to tell you, it’s been a super productive week, so far, but I don’t know if I can hold this up for weeks on end.

While it is true that I am a very efficient person in the morning, I am also a night owl, and sleeping less hours at night, combined with waking up at 6 a.m. might not be the best option.

I think I will stick to waking up early 3-4 days a week, and maintain my normal schedule for the rest of the days (and 7.30 a.m. is still pretty early, if you ask me, so you can’t call me lazy).


So, in the end, take what you will from this experience, I for sure will take a nap 🙂

RO: Inainte de a trece la ultimele mele experimente, ar trebui mentionat un lucru: da, stiu, nu am mai postat pe blog de cateva saptamani. Desi asta nu e o scuza, as vrea sa ma explic… munca si facultatea au facut o coalitie impotriva mea, astfel incat ajunsesem sa simt ca si cum nu mai exista timp pentru nimic altceva, si ca orele zilei se impart in mod egal intre munca, invatat si poate somn. Apele s-au linistit, asa ca lucrurile se vor intoarce pe fagasul normal.

[gata, am terminat cu scuzele]


Stiu, multi dintre noi, daca ar avea de ales, nu ar alege in mod voluntar sa se trezeasca extrem de devreme, dimineata, in fiecare zi. Cu toate aceste, vine un moment cand efectiv nu ai incotro, altfel nu vei afea timp sa rezolvi totul.

Acesta a fost cazul meu, in ultima saptamana. Lista cu lucrurile de facut crestea vazand cu ochii, lucru care m-a facut sa ajung la concluzia ca s-ar putea sa am nevoie de ceva mai multe ore pe zi, asa ca am hotarat sa ma trezesc cu o ora si jumatate mai devreme, in fiecare zi.



In mod normal, alarma suna la 7.30, dar am setat-o pentru ora 6 fix, si voi proceda asa toata saptamana. Aceasta ora “pacatoasa”, combinata cu factorul “ziua de luni”, a rezultat intr-o stare de somnolenta si nu foarte prietentoasa, in jurul orei 4. Dar, dimineata a fost…. dubios de productiva.

Am avut suficient timp sa imi pregatesc mancarea pentru pranz, sa imi fac cafeaua, sa imi si beau cafeaua – acasa, nu pe drum, in graba; ca sa nu mai spun,  am avut timp inclusiv sa imi planific ziua, fara intreruperi exterioare.



Alarma a sunat iar la 6, dar de data asta m-am trezit cu o durere de cap ingrozitoare. Nu am putut dormi foarte bine in noaptea precedenta, m-am tot intors de pe o parte pe alta, trezindu-ma la fiecare intoarcere. Chiar daca am avut acelasi timp ‘extra’ ca si ieri, tot ce am fost in stare sa fac a fost o cafea si sa notez ceva in agenda, pe pilot semi-automat.

Evident, am fost toata ziua ca un zombie, si m-am culcat super devreme. N-a fost cea mai buna zi…



Buna dimineata, raza de soare! Dupa ce m-am bagat la somn la ora 10, aseara, si am dormit 8 ore intregi, pot sa spun cu mana pe inima ca sunt odihnita, in comparatie cu ieri.

Am si gatit, azi dimineata, ca prietenul meu si cu mine sa avem mancare proaspat gatita sa luam la munca, am facut cate o cafea pentru fiecare, am pregatit bagajele de sala, si am apucat sa citesc cateva capitole din cartea lunii acesteia (va urma o postare, bineinteles), cat asteptam sa se faca mancarea.

PLUS, chiar am fost la sala, asa cum am planuit, nu mi-am cautat scuze.

Zi productiva, ce sa mai.



Nu doar ca am reusit sa strecor un mic antrenament de dimineata, dar am avut timp sa fac si o baie cu spuma. O baie! Inainte de muncaa! Nebunie, iti spun.

Image result for friends phoebe madness gif

Aveam o gramada de chestii de facut pentru azi, iar antrenamentul de dimineata mi-a dat un boost de energie. Am avut o zi extrem de productiva, iar dupa ce am plecat de la munca, am avut intreaga seara doar pentru mine, sa fac ce vreau, pentru ca deja o rezolvasem cu antrenamentul.



Asta se presupune a fi ultima zi de trezit super devreme, din saptamana asta. Trebuie sa recunosc, a fost o saptamana foarte productiva, dar nu stiu daca pot face fata la programul asta pe termen lung.

Chiar daca este adevarat ca sunt super eficienta dimineata, de asemenea, sunt si genul de persoana care sta tarziu noaptea, iar dormitul putin, combinat cu trezitul devreme, s-ar putea sa nu fie mereu cea mai buna optiune.

Cred ca voi pastra tehnica trezitului devreme 3-4 zile pe saptamana, iar in restul zilelor voi ramane la programul normal (iar ora 7.30 nu e chiar asa de tarziu, asa ca nu ma poti acuza ca sunt lenesa).


Deci, trageti ce concluzie doriti, eu voi trage un pui de somn 🙂

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