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Rewiring your brain

EN: Have you ever tried to rewire something in your house? Rewiring is not an easy task, and even more so when the thing you are trying to rewire is your brain.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about changing the way you look at life, and the way you think about yourself.

What you think is what you attract

– whoever said it knew what he was talking about. The same saying goes very well with the karmic laws.

The first step is to train your brain, just like you would train a muscle, at the gym. No, I’m not talking about playing chess and sudoku (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but playing sudoku might not majorly change your look on life).

Start surrounding yourself with things that will help keep you on the right track – the path you have decided to take from now on: it could be as simple as a positive/motivational quote on your desk, a new lock screen on your phone, or as complex as a single colorful paperclip among regular paperclips, which has the purpose of reminding you to be yourself even if it means you’ll stand out in a crowd – you are the only one in charge, so make the most of it!

If you want and if you are ready to take this step a little further, you can start by reading blog posts about improving yourself and about changing your mindset, and then you can move on to reading self-improvement books. Step by step.

Speaking of steps, a second step would be stopping the negativity before it passes your teeth. It takes a lot to be the bigger person and not spread gossip and negativity, I know that. But on the road to rewiring your brain, there is no room for negativity and mean words. Acknowledging the gossip or the negative thought, and stopping before you launch it into the world is a difficult thing to do, but with training (see previous step), it can be done.

The second step is probably one of the hardest ones, and very few people manage to get it right on the first try. After you’ve mastered the second step, the third one will elevate you above many others, and it is replacing the negativity you were used to think or spread, with kindness (cue Selena Gomez).

If in an argument, you are able to hold your tongue and refrain from snapping back and, instead, you make an effort to try to understand the other person’s situation and, above all, you even show understanding and kindness… you have won yourself some karmic points.

The last step, in my opinion, is the one where you consolidate everything you have worked on so far, in retraining and rewiring your brain, by constantly challenging yourself and perpetually learning. Learn, learn, learn!

Give up the small talk and have meaningful conversations with people. Debate and question everything. You cannot become a better person, while keeping poor-quality habits.

RO: Ai incercat vreodata sa renovezi ceva in casa? Renovatul nu e o treaba usoara, mai ales cand chestia pe care incerci sa o renovezi este propriul tau creier.

Despre ce vorbesc? Vorbesc despre a-ti schimba modul in care privesti viata, si modul in care te privesti pe tine insuti/insati.

Primul pas este sa iti antrenezi mintea, creierul, la fel cum ti-ai antrena muschii la sala. Nu, aici nu ma refer la jocurile de sah si sudoku (nu ca ar fi ceva in neregula cu asta, dar jocul de sudoku s-ar putea sa nu iti schimbe perspectiva intr-o maniera prea drastica).

Incepi prin a te inconjura cu lucruri care te vor ajuta sa ramai pe drumul cel bun, pe care ti l-ai ales: poate sa fie simplu, ca un biletel pozitiv si motivational pe birou, o poza de fundal pe telefon, sau complex, ca o singura agrafa de birou colorata printre mai multe agrafe de birou simple, care ar avea scopul de a-ti aminti sa fii tu insati, chiar daca asta inseamna ca vei iesi in evidenta in multime – tu esti singura persoana la carma, asa ca profita de asta!

Daca vrei si crezi ca esti gata sa duci acest pas mai departe, poti incepe prin a citi postari pe bloguri, depre cum sa devii cea mai buna versiune a ta, despre cum sa iti schimbi modul de a privi lumea, iar apoi poti trece la a citi carti despre aceste categorii. Pas cu pas.

Si apropo de pasi, un al doilea pas ar fi sa opresti negativismul inainte sa iti iasa pe gura. E greu sa nu te cobori la nivelul altora, si sa nu raspandesti barfe si negativism, stiu. Dar, in drumul spre o versiune mai buna a persoanei tale, nu exista loc pentru gandire negativa si cuvinte urate. Constientizarea faptului ca urmeaza sa spui ceva negativ si oprirea sirului vorbelor inainte ca acel lucru negativ sa fie lansat in lume, nu e o sarcina usoara. Dar, cu putin antrenament (vezi pasul anterior), poate fi realizat.

Acest pas e probabil cel mai greu de mentinut, si multi nu reusesc din prima incercare. Dupa ce vei stapani acest pas, al treilea te va ridica la un nivel net superior celorlalti, si anume inlocuirea negativismului cu care suntem obisnuiti, cu bunatate (aici intervine Selena Gomez).

Daca, in cadrul unei discutii, esti capabil sa te abtii din a fi rautacios, iar in loc de asta, faci un efort sa incerci sa intelegi situatia celeilalte persoane – ba mai mult, dai dovada de intelegere si bunatate… clar ti-ai castigat cateva puncte karmice.

Ultimul pas, in umila mea parere, este cel in care iti consolidezi toata munca pe care ai depus-o pana acum, de a-ti re-antrena si renova gandirea. Iar asta se face prin lucru constant, si prin invatat. Invata, invata, invata!

Renunta la discutiile marunte si poarta discutii pline de sens cu oamenii. Discuta totul si pune totul sub semnul intrebarii. Nu poti deveni o persoana mai buna, daca te tii de obiceiuri nu-atat-de-bune.


  • JM Kayne

    Totally agree with all these steps. I gotta work on each of them though.. because sometimes I fall in to the trap, so I need more discipline! Such a great post!

    • coffeeaddict

      I’m so happy when my words help even one other person <3. You are right, discipline is key, but being aware of your intentions helps a lot, too!

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